Mahtie Bush x Sleeprockers presents…. The A.D.I.D.A.S. Mixtape




2011 Honorable Mention at ITSA Film Festival


Shout outs to the director Brian Harper for Muttchild productions and to EVERYONE at ITSA Film Fest Thank you!

The DIY Starter Kit for Emcee’s

For Digital Distro go to (itunes, amazon, and more)

For Cds barcoded and shrink wrap go to

Need something filmed real quick with a good camera hit up Fred Harris @

Fred Harris said “Don’t forget to use the Machine known as too…. Solid informative dudes over there”

I know that the N-Crowd Entertainment has a lot going on for em over at

I know that Chuck Taylor does a lot with graphic design hit him up at

The homie Martin Flavius runs one of if not thee biggest Hip-Hop website in Romania at

Hell if you need a place to perform at or if you are on tour go to Microphone Mondays at Sol Collective every monday they have a show sign ups are at 7:30 its FREE until 8:05 the homie Andru Defeye is the host hit him up at

Need mixing mastering and recording? Go to SoundCap Audio

What more can I say y’all? This post is a damn DIY starter kit and if you have any questions hit me up at USE THIS INFO!

Mahtie Bush’s Emcee Battles 2006-2013

This a post on all of the Emcee Battles that have been documented from 2006-2013 either with Audio, Footage, Fliers, or pictures.

My Freestyle Battle on “The 916 Leak” when someone called in and challenged me

Freestyle Battle vs Paul Flames at The Library in Sac,CA

Mahtie Bush vs TASK 1NE
what some people dont know is, is that me and Task Battled AGAIN at a show that we where on together. The flier is posted below this video


Mahtie Bush vs Capitol
This battle happen after Capitol called me out for not letting him on my stage while I was rocking. He asked to battle me for $100 but his boy told him NO! For me it was a fun, I really didnt wanna hurt him to bad and just didnt care for the first 2 rounds. 3rd round I gave it to him. This battle happen 2 weeks after my battle with task

Yung Rich vs Mahtie Bush
Rich hit me up on this website called Micstatus and asked me to battle. I was told to just not battle anyone on the site but I liked how he came at me so I said yeah. The kid held his own with his own style. The battle got over 3,000 views in the matter of 3 days and ended up helping Rich land a article in the Sacramento News & Review. The site is no longer up and its a damn shame because our battle was by far the best one up.

Cam vs Mahtie Bush
Cam was on FIRE that night! He battled like 4 Emcee’s and ate em up one by one. I was like fuck it ima just jump in there and try my luck, besides it would be dope because I had just judged a emcee battle that night at that venue (Sol Collective) for “No Excuses” battle league. From what I know there is only clips of me and Cam’s freestyle battle. Better to have something then nothing.